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About TALK.chat

Would you like to chat with people from all over the world? Would you like a chat room that works on all devices (mobile, desktop and tablet)? And would you like it to all be free?

If your answer is Yes! then TALK is just for you.

You can join the #lobby for general chat about everything or you can make your own chat room and share it with your friends. People in a room can share it with their friends also, which allows you to chat with new people and make new friends.

Let's get geeky

We like to mix fun and technology together and live chat has been on the internet from the very beginning. TALK was developed after reviewing the top 10 Google search results for 'Chat Rooms'. We felt the quality of the sites was very poor, many used Flash and didn't have designs suitable for both mobile and desktop sites. Our aim is simple. Provide free chat rooms that work on any device that are fast and easy to use. In addition we designed the site not to use any graphics to ensure it's fast on a mobile device and also helps you be anonymous as no image files are downloaded to your computer. We use 1 cookie to remember you as your move between rooms which is deleted when you close your browser, even the chat within our rooms decay and are only stored for 15 minutes. If you want to get really technical the conversations are held in server memory so what you talk about is never stored on a disk. Fast, easy and anonymous.

Maximum screen usage

Design and ease of use is essential to our real-time chat room system. Our chat uses the maximum screen area possible no matter if you use an iPhone, iPad, desktop, laptop or tablet.

Social chat and sharing

TALK is your platform for conversations. You decide the topics, you invite the guests. Let the party begin!