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TALK tour

Find out the features of TALK and what makes it so easy to use.


When you open the app you are asked to select a username and your gender. No email address, no Facebook login. You're anonymous which is the best way to protect your privacy. If we don't ask for personal information then a hacker cannot steal it.

Start in the lobby

When you open the app you are in the 'lobby' chat room. This is a room with people from all over the world, chatting about anything and everything. It could be an ideal place to hangout when you have some free time. But if you want to chat about a topic then you have the power to make your own room. Click the big green hash tag button and enter a room name then share the link to your new room on your social networks. As people start to join your room ask them to share the link and very quickly you have a brand new room packed with people ready to chat.

Fast and simple

TALK has been designed to be easy to use. There are three big buttons on the chat room screen.

Green: hashtag
Use this button to create a new chat room or switch to a trending topic.

Blue: share
Click to share the current chat room with your friends via social networks.

Grey: settings
Access options such as unblocking users or changing your username.

Combined with this simplicity, TALK is very fast. Within 0.25 seconds your message appears on screens all over the world!

Safety and abuse

If you find someone rude or offensive then you can use the block command to make then disappear. For example, if someone called Jeff is rude you just need to type, block Jeff and you will not have to listen to him again. Additionally TALK has a profanity filter to censor the most commonly used swear words. Hopefully your conversations will be fun but we the tools are just incase.


TALK screenshot 1
Fast, simple and easy to use chat rooms on any device.

TALK screenshot 2

Join an existing trending chat room or create your own room and share it with your friends.