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Terms and conditions

The Company: Owner, developer and operator of The App with registration number 6036262, dm³ LTD

Member / Members: A person or persons using The App to communicate with others.

The App: The app named and its externally associated hardware and software.

The Company, The App and these terms and conditions operate under the laws of England and Wales.

All Members must read our advice on dating safety available on our home page prior to using The App.

Other Members
The Company does not perform background or security checks on its Members.

All Members are responsible for their actions and responsible to perform their own background checks on other Members they communicate with.

There may be Members who provide false information, be convicted criminals, be registered sex offenders or have intent to defraud or harm others.

You should not provide any Member with your bank, credit card information nor transfer or send any money to any other Member.

The Company is not liable for any loss as a result of another Member providing false information.

Members may delete their accounts by stopping using it. Their conversation data will be removed from the servers after 30 days.

Copyright and trademarks
The App is protected by copyright and trademark law. No part of The App may be copied or reproduced without written permission from The Company.

Provision of service
The Company provides no guarantee of the uptime of The App, longevity or data storage and may terminate or alter the service of The App without warning.

Members must not use The App if they are under 18 or if use of The App would breach the Members own regional laws.

The App is only to be used for the purpose of communicating with people online.

Members cannot use The App for commercial or financial gain or to send requests of a professional or commercial character.

Members must not use The App for any illegal activity, including, but not limited to fraud, child pornography, terrorism and prostitution.

Members may not use the app to extract and / or collate information from other Members even if this data is publicly available.

Device security
Members must understand that if they choose not to logout of The App that a third party can access their account if they have access to their physical device on which The App is installed.

Malicious software
The Company will not liable for any viruses, malware or any other malicious software that infects your hardware / software / device as a result of using The App.

Upgrades and purchases
The current version of The App has no paid upgrades or purchase options. However, we may in the future introduce paid upgrades and purchases.

Law enforcement
The Company will work with recognised law enforcement agencies and share Members personal data when required.

If your own copyright has been breached by content posted on The App by other Members, The Company will remove this data following a valid DMCA notice sent to our postal address. The details are listed on

Members using The App agree that no claim may be brought against The Company for any loss incurred by the Member as a result of using The App.

Updates to terms and conditions
The Company reserves the right to update these terms and conditions at any time. Members will need to accept any updated terms and conditions to continue using The App.

Privacy Policy

Last updated 24th December 2016

What do we collect
We collect the following information; Username, Gender, Messages, Room Name, Time of message.

Why and how
Data is split into, data you provide and data we extract.

You provide; Username, Gender, Room Name.

We extract; Time of message.

Conversations / messages between users
Messages sent between Members are stored in a non encrypted format on the servers. The communication that sends the message to and from the phone is encrypted with SSL. The Company provides access to messages for the purpose of moderation to essential staff only. No third party has access to message unless disclosure is required as defined below. Messages are automatically deleted after thirty days and Members cannot access messages that exceed the chat history as defined within The App’s settings.

Who do we disclose information to
We will only disclose your information when requested by law enforcement or in relation to a criminal offence.

Back ups
All data is backed up and in the event of a server failure there is a remote chance that your data may revert to a previous state.

How to we protect the data
When The App communicates with the server all traffic and data is encrypted with SSL. The servers which contain the data are stored off site with 24 hour security and monitored CCTV. Only essential staff have remote access to the server. The Company provides no guarantee that the data cannot be extracted by a third party via hacking or other cyber attacking processes.

We use persistent cookies, please read our cookie policy for technical details.

Third party links on Website
Links to websites that are not owned by The Company are to be used at The Members own risk.

Right to access data
You may request access to a copy of the data we store in relation to your account. An admin fee of 10 GBP may be payable for such a request. You would need to provide sufficient information to prove that the request is for your own data and not that of another Member.