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Press kit for the TALK app

  • Why should you write about us?
  • What makes us news worthy with so many apps on the market?
TALK is what some of the BIG social networks should have been. The app is focused on social conversations and nothing else. It's fast, easy to use and free. It's also an example of what a small, agile company can achieve without millions of funding or investors.

Additional user privacy and company ethics are paramount to us. We have designed the apps database to have zero value to a hacker.

We love to work the press and media so please get in touch.

Media (click to download)

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Press releases

January 2017:
TALK has launched
[Download PDF 48KB]
TALK has launched on web, mobile web, Kindle, Android and iOS.

All media and press releases on this page can be used without prior permission from dm³. If you need more information or would like a quote / interview from TALK please contact us.