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Frequently asked questions [FAQ]

Most questions relate to account creation, passwords, login and deleting. Everything you should ever need we hope is on this page?

Making a chat room

Press the GREEN button then CREATE. Choose the name of your room, it must use a to z and/or 0 to 9. It cannot contain any special characters or emoji. It needs to be easy for people to read and type. After it's created you can share it with your friends to start the conversation.

Sharing a chat room

Press the BLUE button and share the link on your social networking accounts. You can share a room you made or a room that you are using. The share button is there is help all users increase the number of people talking about a topic.

Joining a chat room

To join an existing room press the GREEN button and select a trending or popular room. If you know the name of room you can also use the search option.

Emoji and special characters

TALK supports emoji and any character sets. So if you wish to create a room and talk in Chinese than you can.

Block and unblocking users

If you want to remove someone from a chat room then you can block them. For example, if their username is rudeman1 you need to type, block rudeman1 into the chat. Within a fraction of second they will be gone. Click the GREY settings button to unblock a user.

Changing your username

TALK will remember your username on your device. If you use TALK on more than one device you will need more than one username. You can choose a new username by clicking the GREY settings button.

Deleting an account

There is nothing to delete, please see our dedicated Delete Account page.